We train Top Management in acting your responsible leadership model.

Anticipate Crisis and Risks

  • Lead the unexpected
  • Lead the conflicts
  • Identify the opportunities
  • Make the fair choices

Ethical Decision Making Tool

  • Coherence of your decisions with the corporate values and the corporate strategy
  • Lead the negative emotions which come from situations of change
  • Be aware of the ethical impact and consequences of your decisions
  • Integrate multicultural needs in your decisions
  • Define operational action plan coherent with your corporate culture

Advanced Ethical Leadership Program

This program is one of its kind. It aims to reconcile operationally economical performance and human fulfillment.

Addressing itself to all Executive Deciders, Management Committee members, that wish, in their company, acting responsible leadership models in their organizations.

It will switch between:

  • high level conceptual presentations (Ph.D.)
  • senior executives’ testimonies
  • study and analysis of company practical cases (strategic, organisation, social, commercial…)
  • meeting and workshop with top managers of other countries

Presentation of a strategic paper, from each participant, on the problem of ethics in leadership in his/her company for analysis and personal operational action plan

Advanced Leadership Program